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Galychyna™ changed its design and released new products according to the original recipe, unique for Ukraine


One of the largest producers of dairy products in Ukrainian market, #1 brand in kefir category, #2 in yogurt category.
Dairy products
Analysis and audit
Brand strategy
Branding and design
Challenge: to remove perception barriers that prevented the brand from growing. Strengthen brand position as an expert in yogurt and sour-milk category. With the help of repositioning, differentiate from other mass-market brands, become one of the leaders in perception, a benchmark of the category. Increase sales (classic yogurts +50%) and increase market share (kefir up to 10%, drinking yoghurts up to 15%).
Objectives: increase sales and market share
Researching dairy market trends, innovations in yoghurts and fermented products.

Segmentation of Ukrainian market yogurt brands.

Description of dairy consumers types, possible motives for consuming yoghurts.

Analysis and audit

Studying possible directions for "Galychyna" product portfolio development.

Offering a number of product ideas, including ideas for assortment expanding in "yogurt" and "kefir" categories.

Recommendations for changing taste profiles of a number of products.

Working with product

To accomplish the project objectives it was necessary to expand the audience by attracting young people and consumers that were more progressive. To attract new consumers, it was necessary to identify "brand gaps", redefine the essence, the foundation of the brand and form a new brand perception of "Galychyna". Together with the client we properly linked consumer values, product characteristics and brand values.

Since product differentiation is negligible in the daily consumption segment, to strengthen the differentiation of the company's products from competitors, in addition to recommendations for finalizing the recipes, we proposed the idea of "Carpathian yogurt" and "Carpathian kefir".

Development of brand positioning platform, logo, conceptual packaging design and its distribution to the entire product portfolio of the "Galychyna" brand.

Brand strategy development

"Galychyna" strengthened its product and brand offering, made it relevant for a young audience. The brand managed to respond to explicit and hidden consumer requests; it radically changed externally, while retaining its DNA. The secret of "Galychyna" success is composed of complex approach, integrity of the market offer, depth and quality of the execution. A strong product offering, brand values, packaging design, active mass communication and trade-marketing programs complemented and strengthened the impact.

The company significantly increased its market share in key segments: yogurt and kefir. After rebranding, sales also increased in segments, growth in which had not been a priority. In the future, this allowed the company to enter successfully the actively growing segments of "UHT milk" and "cream".
Yogurt brands loyalty metrics by the end of 2019
Yogurt brands loyalty metrics by the end of 2019
“Galichina” products shipment, tons
"Galychyna" products shipment, tons
5 months prior to rebranding

5 months after rebranding
5 months prior to rebranding
5 months after rebranding
Sales growth of "Galychyna" dairy company became the highest on the whole milk market
Sales growth
Sales growth for 2017/2018 according to INFAGRO
Sales growth for 2019/2018 according to INFAGRO
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