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"Harmony" is a brand of "Lubny Dairy Plant" — a manufacturer of dairy products from the Poltava region, Ukraine.
Dairy products
Analysis and audit
Brand strategy
Branding and design
LDP is one of the oldest food enterprises in Ukraine, it has been operating since 1937.

The company gained a strong position in the region, but sales in the national market left much to be desired. The existing business model of the company did not allow to reduce the cost of production, as the mass market or premium manufacturers could do due to large production volumes, price elasticity, and its own raw materials.

In addition, "Harmony" was not known outside the Poltava region. The wide audience did not have a formed holistic image of the brand, an understanding of its values and competitive advantages.

In order to stop the decline in sales and successfully develop in the national market, the brand needed a set of marketing changes affecting all business processes: a new strategy, positioning, strengthening the marketing-sales link.
Eliminate the barriers of perception that hinder brand growth. Differentiate from other mainstream brands by repositioning. Stop the drop in sales in the home region and increase the share at the all-Ukrainian level.
Challenges: sales growth, and increase the share at the all-Ukrainian level.
Starting cooperation, we understood that painstaking and systematic work on all the key elements of the marketing mix is required here. Creativity and communication won't help.

After all, a large dairy brand means many product groups, a vague target audience, high price elasticity and a large share of rationality in making a purchase decision. All this required detailed study and analysis.
In-depth interviews with the owners and top managers of the company to clarify goals, vision of the current situation and future opportunities.

Conducting focus groups with brand consumers to find out the current perception of the brand.


Strategic session for joint search with the Client for the best option for the development of the company and brand.

Business audit and market analysis

Formation of a product-assortment strategy and a product matrix of a brand based on the needs of the target audience.

Revision of the economic business model. The new model was aimed at optimizing costs without compromising product quality, as well as building and enhancing perceived brand value.

Determination of the basic characteristics of the product and types of packaging, recommendations for the implementation of new packaging solutions.

Selection of flagship products (must list) that will shape the updated brand image.

Description of the product profile, taking into account their role, taste and expectations: volumes, marginality, generation of the first purchase, communicating brand values.

Formation of price positioning.

Assortment and product strategy development

Brand platform/positioning development

Formation of requirements for brand identity

Brand logo design

Development of label design for key categories: milk, kefir, sour cream, spoon and drinking yoghurt, fermented baked milk, butter, cottage cheese


The updated brand hit the shelves at the end of April 2021. By the beginning of June:

1. There has been a change in the perception of the brand by buyers of chains, distributors, sellers.

2. The renewed "Harmoniya" appeared in the national chains "Varus", "Novus" and "Klass" (Kharkiv), which was not possible for the old brand.

3. The turnover at the retail increased from 15 to 30% depending on the product category.
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