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Sante GMT™ — leader in dairy production in Georgia.


The leader in the production of dairy products in Georgia
Dairy products
Analysis and audit
Brand strategy
Branding and design
Sante GMT — the leader in the production of dairy products in Georgia — was established on the basis of the Tbilisi Dairy Plant in 1997. The company was growing steadily until the arrival of international competitors, which began active expansion into the Georgian market in 2009. Despite the patriotism and traditionalism of consumer sentiments, large Russian and Western brands (Wimm-Bill-Dann, Danone) have gradually stopped the dynamics of sales growth.

Challenge: development of a growth strategy, assortment portfolio and brand portfolio aimed at counteracting growing competitors, with the ultimate goal of selling the business.
Challenge: development of a growth strategy, assortment portfolio and brand
Market analysis (Nielsen reports, Euromonitoring, internal data)

Benchmarking and analysis of related markets

Determination of the pool of possible directions for the development of the company's dairy business.

Analysis and audit

The goal of the strategy is to maintain its leadership in traditional products.

Modernize the Sante brand, which had high knowledge, high loyalty, but was perceived as outdated. Transfer the power of this brand to new categories.

Enter modern categories (spoon and drink yoghurts, dessert group).

Raise the brand image of the company with the help of modern packaging (milk and kefir in Tetra Pak), which was practically absent on the market at that time.

The result of the strategy developed by the project strategist Maxim Kuchko was a new architecture for the company's brands. The Sante GMT family of brands was built from the spontaneously created Sante brand:

Sante is a line of traditional dairy products,

Santino is a premium line of dairy products,

Santissimo — dairy desserts (yoghurts and sweet curds with flavors),

Sanebo is a brand of traditional and processed cheeses.

At the same time, the marketing department, which practically did not exist before, was rebuilt and trained.

Development of the category and product structure of the assortment, product references were selected, and the brand portfolio was modified for this matrix.

Strategy development

Logo design for the corporate brand Sante.

Logos and label designs for Santino, Santissimo, Sanebo brands.

Positioning was prescribed for each of the brands, communication requirements were formed.

Packaging design for more than 50 SKU.


The decline in sales was stopped, the leadership of Sante brand remained, and by the end of the year a 35% increase in profits was achieved. The main communicator with consumers was shelf and support through outdoor advertising in the capital.
Santissimo brand has become the market leader with 42% market share in drinking yoghurts.
In spoon yoghurts Santissimo market share has reached 50%.
The market share of the premium brand Santino reached 12%.
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