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Zabijaka is a real family workshop of traditional meat dishes and craft meat delicacies.


"Zabіjaka" company is a leader of meat and sausage market of Volyn’ Region, and one of the market leaders of Western Ukraine.
Meat products
Strategy development
Thanks to a reverent approach to recipes and production, the company achieved the best price/quality ratio in a number of product segments.

However, the company experienced difficulties with expanding the geography of sales, as well as with sales in the price segment "medium+". The reason for this was long standing perception of "Zabijaka" brand as affordable every day products. The blurred image of the brand and a somewhat comic logo formed a friendly, though not expensive perception. The product-oriented approach has exhausted itself, the company needed to reach a new level.
Challenge: search for business deve­lopment directions for the com­pany, sales growth
"Zabijaka" brand audit.

Analysis of current products range, commercial policy and sales structure.

Study of possible areas of business development.

Analysis and audit

Conducting strategic sessions in order to formulate goals, objectives and vision of the future.

Development of product and assortment policy, directions of assortment development. Identifying niches for sales growth.

Strategy development to strengthen assortment portfolio in sausage segment.

We offered activities to optimize commercial department work, as well as provided proposal as for motivation programs in context of territories, channels, products, prices.

We proposed a strategy of sales channels development and promotion for 2020.

Strategy development

Recommendations as for assortment optimization, new products development and corresponding brands portfolio.

Defining product concepts in "sausages" category (target audience description, needs identification, requirements for the product and pricing).

A number of product innovations development to determine feasibility of their production in terms of possible sales volumes, marginality and brand image.

New product development together with the company's technologists — sausages made from finely chopped meat. Frankfurter sausage brand "Brats" (Brothers) launch.

Working with product

We recreated a history of the family business and built an umbrella brands portfolio on its basis: "Zabijaka & Zabijaka" (brand of meat products, semi-finished products, premium meat and sausage products), "Zabijaka" (mass-market brand of meat and sausage products), "Zabіjachki" (mini-sausages brand), "Brats" (Brothers — original frankfurter sausages from finely chopped meat).

Development of brand positioning platform, logo, packaging design and elements of corporate style for "Zabijaka & Zabijaka" brand.

Development of logo design for "Zabijaka" brand and series of labels design.

Development of a conceptual idea, packaging design for "Zabіjachki" mini-sausages brand.

The idea, interior and exterior design for a chain of branded stores "Zabіjaka & Zabіjaka".


The company PR strategy was developed, incorporating the brand social mission, activities to create the company brand and personal brands of Zabijaka brothers.

A pool of promotional materials for launching "Zabijaka & Zabijaka" brand (outdoor advertising, POS materials, vehicles).

The content, structure and conceptual design of the new corporate website were developed.


The company's sales in 2019 showed a positive trend relative to the general trend of the meat and sausage products market of Ukraine.
Sales growth
Продажи компании в 2019 году показали позитивный тренд относительно общего тренда рынка мясоколбасных изделий Украины.

Объем продаж продукции под брендом «Забіяка & Забіяка» в общих объемах продаж компании

Объем продаж мини-сосисок «Забіячки» в общих объемах продаж компании в категории «сосиски»

Прирост продаж в категории «сосиски» благодаря бренду мини-сосисок «Забіячки»

Прирост продаж в категории «колбаски» благодаря бренду «Brats»
Sales volume of products under the brand "Zabijaka & Zabijaka" in the company total sales volume.
Sales volume of mini-sausages "Zabіjachki" in the company total sales in "sausages" category.
Sales growth in "sausages" category due to "Zabіjachki" mini-sausages brand.
Sales growth in "frankfurter" category due to "Brats" brand.
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